The Confuser of Ways/Kyuss/Tharizdun – Appeared als ‘Jodai’ in Aasaer (patron of gamblers); priests wearing the sign of Tharizdun; the sign of ‘Tharizdun’ was also found in Querban’s cell/graffities; the magical stone from the slaughterhouse was also linked to Tharizdun; a second and much bigger ruby as been found at the arch west of the city; this nexusstone was brought to the city by Artimus Fisk from ‘the Spire of Long Shadows’; Kyuss was a priest of Tharizdun; wanted to bring Tharizdun back into the world; build the ‘Spire of Long Shadows’; studied spellweaver prophecies

Maure Family – Agenda unknow

Spellweaver – Ruled they bay area a few millennia ago before the rule of the giants; the Demonscar is one of the few spellweaver remains

Valanthru – Agenda unkown

Beholder – Agenda unknown

The Stormblades – Adventurers from Aasaer, offspring of the local nobility

The Cagewrights – Clues about this group found in Goblin graffiti and on the supply crates in Drakthars labyrinth; charged Grehlia with finding blueprints for an unknown magical device (cages)

Alleybashers, The Green Daggers – Gangs from the Aasaer slums

The Last Laugh – Thievesguild from Aasaer

Grehlias Band, Remains of – stole the wands of water control; created the simulacrum of Triel Eldurast

Manzorian, The Great – Tutor of Eligos, Marzena und Allustan; lives in the Stronghold of Xiizaun

Greymalkin Academy – Arcane academy; Marzena lives there

Doppelgänger in Geanavue – Band of Doppelgängers; headquarter below the outer city

Starmane Family – Elves, merchants, family originates from Celwynvian

Darkelves – Agenda unknown

Mages Guild – Lose guild of Geanavese mages with connections to Zoa and Graymalkin Academy and Manzorian in Xiizaun


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