It’s time for heroes!

Welcome to our Kindoms of Kalamar Campaign. The campaign is loosely based on the setting by Kenzer & Company, classic Greyhawk and Paizo’s Adventure Paths and late Pathfinder stuff. When I started this campaign I wanted to use as much published material as possible (after years of homebrew adventures/campaigns and lack of time for preparation). The idea turns out quite well and I have a lot of fun to mix everything together for my players and myself. Since the campaign is ‘in play’ I cannot reveal to much about the grand scheme but you will find out eventually by reading the adventure log and the background information hidden in the wiki section of this page. The story unfolds as the players decided what the characters will do and focus may change completely during the course of play as new ideas unfold. Priority No. 1 is fun and excitement for all.

“Hoary as the underlying concept might be, the attraction of this sort of adventure has been popular since Homer’s time.”

“Welcome to the land of imagination. You are about to begin a journey into worlds where magic and monsters are the order of the day, where law and chaos are forever at odds, where adventure and heroism are the meat and drink of all who would seek their fortunes in uncommon pursuits. This is the realm of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventure Game.”

- Gary Gygax

Reanaarian Adventures

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